pro-T-co facilitates the achievement of high quality architectural surfaces and improves the workforce process through competitive innovative systems.

Our Concept:

The development of innovative solutions for the construction market implies the proposal of improvements in the field of processes that are also able to satisfy the economical needs and requirements of the constructors while responding to the technical constraints on construction sites.

Our industrial partners within the sectors of chemistry, concrete and lamination assist us in the achievement of our solutions an enable us to respond to the demands of expertise of our customers.

Our benefits in 3 points:

1. Our demoulding system facilitates and makes accessible the achievement of high quality architectural surfaces (without formoils)

  • reduction of air inclusion (up to 75%)
  • suppresses the traces of oils on the concrete surfaces
  • pro-T-co facilitates the achievement of high definition concrete surfaces, without need of leveling
  • Our product range offers an infinite variety of finishes through several moulding processes (pro-T-co Foil, pro-T-co Form, pro-T-co Graphic)

2. A technology that provides a significant time saving on the worksite

  • Swiftness and facility of use of our solution
  • Increase of the rotation rate by the reduction of formwork handling (once applied, pro-T-co stays on the formworks during 20 up to 30 rotations with no special need of maintenance)
  • No need to apply formoils and no formwork cleaning needed between the rotations.
  • pro-T-co doesn't require a surface leveling

3. An ecologic process that improves the work conditions on construction sites

  • the workers are not exposed anymore to the formoil sprays
  • No special PPE is required
  • no oils discharged in the ground water, no need of holding tanks
  • pro-T-co Foil can be recycled through conventional recycling channels
Life cycle