R & D

Our technical team daily works on the improvement of our formwork- and chemical solutions.

Our R&D Team remains in constant contact with our R&D partners, specialists and companies within the world of plastery, construction and chemistry.

As a result of our collaboration with our development and manufacturing laboratory, we have been able to complete the launch of our chemical product line/range, Pro Cleaner (Pro Cleaner 3D and Pro Cleaner Glue) , concentrated cleaning solutions for concrete residues, formoils and and glues.

By developing highly effective and biodegradable solutions, we have reached the major construction actors, sensitive to health and environmental advances of construction products.

For our pro-T-co Foil we put priority on the improvement of our materials as well as

we worked to set up an effective organization of our production network In order to meet strong demands.

In 2017 we have attained the following goals/objectives:

  • the enhancement of our demoulding technology for the global construction market and of our niche positioning for architectural concretes.
  • the results of research to new technical processes and their implementation in view to extend our application ( thermoforming process, digital printing…)
  • Development and marketing of our new range of chemical cleaning solutions for formworks and construction material (Pro Cleaner 3D and Pro Cleaner Glue)