Foire aux Questions

1 - Why to use Pro-T-co?

pro-T-co was developed to improve the working environment by eliminating oil of form removal, to meet the requirements ecological current and improve the quality facings (removal of oily marks, decrease of the bubbling, perfect finish of the facing).

2 - Where is made Pro-T-co?

pro-T-co was invented by french people which make a french product. The production will stay french for questions of service, quality.

3 - Which are the dimensions of Pro-Tco?

pro-T-co is shaped on the custom-made for all orders. The maximum width is 1200mm.

4 - What’s the point of the layer in heart of pro-T-co ?

Pro-T-co’s technology integrate a black layer witness of wear which appears on surface when the product must be replace.

5 - How to store Pro-T-co?

To preserve fully the adhesive power of Pro-T-co, it should be stored at a temperature raging between 10ºC to 25ºC and must be in shelters of the sun. Once pro-T-co install, there’s no more temperature (-30ºC to +90ºC) and sun exposure constraints.

6 - How is pro-T-co conditioned?

pro-T-co is conditioned according to the ordered volume.

7 - Do the facings are better qualities than with some oil?

Yes, we eliminate the tracks of oil, we reduce significantly the bubbling, in consequent the finishing of the facings are much better quality than if we use oil of form removal.

8 - Does pro-T-co works with all kinds of concretes?

Yes, pro-T-co was tested in laboratory with a large number of concrete and with the most common additives of the market.

9 - Does pro-T-co can be used with architectonics concretes?


10 - What is the maximum of re-use of Pro-T-co?

pro-T-co is guarantee to be used at least 15 times, but really, it can be Reused at least 30 times if it’s prepared well between each form removal, see the user guide.

11 - Does pro-T-co can be used on all kind of formwork?

Yes, pro-T-co was designed to adherer on all kinds of formwork provided that they are degrease, dry and are of dust.

12 - Does the use of pro-T-co need a special training?

pro-T-co can be apply by all the workers without special training, however pro-T-co company accompany all his customers during their first use to train them.

13 - Which is the installation time?

After timed test, pro-T-co can be applied within 1 minute per square meter on a clean formwork

14 - How to prepare my formwork or my coffering before installing Pro-T-co?

The formwork must be degrease, dry and free of dust before the installation.

15 - What kind of magnet can i use on Pro-T-co?

pro-T-co is insulating, therefore use magnets minimal force of 500kg in the snatch and 300 kg dry slip for maintaining mannequins. We also recommend to use of a PVC cone compensation in the back of the magnet.

16 - Can I draw marks on Pro-T-co?

Yes, pro-T-co can be marked with a normal pencil very precisely and with a marker erasable.

17 - How does pro-T-co improves the working quality of the workers on the construction site?

pro-T-co is a product which entails no sanitary risk for the workers and which engenders no soil pollution. pro-T-co is also a product not dirty , easy of use and eliminate the constraints of the application of oil of form removal.